Hiking Vacation in the Zillertal - Montana Hochfügen

Hiking Vacation in the Zillertal

Hiking vacation in the Zillertal

"In die Berg´ bin i gern" (I love to be in the mountains) – these are the lyrics of a famous Austrian folk song. This is a true statement in Hochfügen and the Zillertal! Awaiting sporty athletes and leisurely walkers here are a total of 1,400 km of signposted hiking paths. Whether you would like to go on a leisurely walk, a pleasant tour with the family, or a real summit climb - there is something for everyone!

Here in Hochfügen, you can start your day at 1,500 m – with fresh air and an unobstructed view of the magnificent mountains! No noise will disturb your here, you have a view of the wonderful panorama, and you can rest and strengthen your senses.

You can start your hike in the valley, which is cooler and very pleasant in summer. Allergy sufferers will have no problems at this altitude!

From easy walks and family hikes to challenging tours in high alpine terrain - everything is possible here. For children, there is action and pure freedom in the surroundings: a large playground, a petting zoo, go-karts, a bouncy castle... boredom is not an option.

Host Birgit: "We are happy to give guests tips for their hike in Hochfügen or the surroundings. No matter whether you want to enjoy nature in playful ways with the whole family or if you prefer sporty mountain climbing!"

Hiking in the Zillertal:

  • 1,400 km of the best signposted hiking paths
  • All difficulty levels: from a short family excursion to challenging summit climbs
  • Numerous 3,000 m high mountain peaks
  • Wonderful panorama, gorgeous views
  • Numerous alpine huts with delicious snacks
  • Long-distance hiking paths such as the Berliner Höhenweg with overnight accommodations at a hut
  • Zillertal Alps Nature Park
  • Numerous opportunities for guided theme hikes
  • Personal advice and map material for your tours 

Zillertal Alps Nature Park

The Zillertal Alps Nature Park: a real high mountain nature park! The park extends from the mountain climbing village of Ginzling to the Hochfeiler, so it includes all alpine altitudinal belts. The nature park is famous for its exceptionally high diversity of species - both plants and animals!  

Together with other protected areas in North, South, and East Tyrol, the Zillertal Alps Nature Park constitutes the largest association of nature reserves in the Alps.

Scenically, it offers absolutely gorgeous views: deep gorges serve as the entrance to 5 side valleys - here in the Zillertal, these valleys are called "Gründe". The valleys open up into vast pastures.

Theme hikes and gorgeous views

Lush meadows and rugged high mountains, glaciers and summits - the landscape in the nature park is just as diverse and fascinating! A few of the important mountains of the Zillertal main ridge are the Löffler, the Schwarzenstein, the Möseler, and the Hochfeiler.

In the nature park, there is a diverse summer program with over 200 guided hikes through the park from May to October. The nature park guides are absolute specialists, and a total of 30 different theme areas are on the program.  

An herb hike with explanations about the green treasures found along the path, a hike to the famous Berliner Hütte, wildlife observation – you can see marmots, ibexes, or chamois in the wild here - or a ranger tour: the choice is yours!

For children, there are great program activities such as llama trekking, forest gnome day, or a fun adventure in the Zillergrund.

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