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Vacation with the Maelzer family

Anyone who meets him will see it immediately: for Christian Maelzer, being a host is his passion! Together with his team, the 50-year old has been running the Montana since 2012, and he has been at the house since the beginning in 1994. Determined and equipped with a strong vision, he planned and implemented the latest renovations. The well-being of the guests always comes first!

Christian Maelzer: "We are there for our guests, and that is not just a phrase here. The most important thing for us is always that everyone feels at home with us. We always have an open ear for the wishes and concerns of our guests!"


The Montana - a family project

Christian Maelzer's mother is an Austrian, and his father is a German who has lived in Austria for a long time. His father was the one who built the first apartments in 1994 and then the Montana Alm in 1997.

"For five years, I worked in the business in the beginning, then I was struck by wanderlust", laughs Christian Maelzer. From 2002 to 2012, he gained experience in various hotels throughout the world while his sister Verena managed the house.

A great team

Since 2012, Christian has been the host at the Montana, and his wife Birgit joined him in 2014. "We are a great team with a lot of heart and dedication!", says the host.

In 2015, Christian Maelzer and his team opened the first 3 chalets, and as of summer and autumn 2017, 18 of the total 22 vacation apartments have been completely renovated in a modern alpine style with the highest comfort. The construction of 5 additional chalets is planned for 2020.

"We would like to continue developing our offer in order to offer guests an unforgettable stay at the Montana", says host Birgit.


News from Montana

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